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Hey there!

Hi! I’m Rachel. I’m a wife, mom of three, and a busy business owner. I am also fat. I’m 5’3 (5’2.4 if you’d like to be technical) and I reached a weight of 210 after my third child was born. The smallest I have ever been in my life was a size 0, around 120 pounds. That was 16 years ago. I was 23 years old, nursing my first born, and the weight just fell off. It was easy. Two years later, I stopped nursing and I instantly gained weight. I stayed somewhere in the 150-160 range for a while. Then my second child was born. I was 29. Again, breastfeeding magically melted the pounds away. After nursing this time I gradually gained weight until I weighed around 170. There I stayed for a few years. Up and down and up and down my weight would go. Cut to baby number three. During my entire pregnancy I was confident the weight would again fall off my body with little to no effort. I vowed to myself that this time I would keep it off after I finished breastfeeding. No one was more shocked than me when the fat didn’t go away. I was nursing constantly all day, every day yet I had jiggly rolls everywhere. Maybe it was because I was 36. Maybe it was because I was taking medicine that had a side effect of weight gain. Maybe it was because I ate whatever I wanted…even though this same behavior didn’t matter after my previous two babies. I don’t know why, and honestly the reason doesn’t matter. My last baby is three and I’m still fat. 210 pounds to be exact. Something has to change.

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    Omg. I forgot how hard it is to stay at 1200 calories or less. After months of eating such small amounts of food I had become accustomed to it and it wasn’t a big deal at all. During my pregnancy I ate things like a giant sandwich from Jimmy John’s (I should be embarrassed, butContinue reading “Round 2, Day 1 of dieting”
  • Back To It.
    Okay! I had a set back in my weight loss journey but I’m back on track and motivated to be the best version of myself. I am giving my body a few days to heal and I’m starting my diet and exercise routine on Monday. My diet will be a protein shake and grits forContinue reading “Back To It.”
  • I am Miscarrying…Again
    I went to a private ultrasound place this morning and they couldn’t find a heartbeat. That was two hours ago. Since then I’ve been sitting at work waiting for someone to call me back and tell me what they would like for me to do. I am too old to make babies anymore. I’m 40.Continue reading “I am Miscarrying…Again”

Goal: to be 130 pounds before turning 41. I can do this.

About Me

When people ask you to tell about yourself most people list off the hats they wear: mom, wife, teacher, etc. I’m giving you something different here. I’m creative, a problem solver, a perfectionist, drowning in endless household chores, loving, generous, anxious, a book nerd, a people pleaser, madly in love with my husband, self conscious, a good dancer, interested in the way others live their lives, and of the opinion that birds are amazing companions.